A little update

It's amazing how destructive water can be. We had a Tropical Depression roll through yesterday. It rained all Tuesday night and when we awoke at 5:00 on Wednesday I knew something was up. Windy. Really windy. During the rainy season, normal rains are caused by day time heating. Wind and rain in the morning means a big boy is coming through.

We are fine. We have food. We have power back and water. Schools are closed until Monday. So far 15 have died from mudslides, drownings and electrocutions from downed power lines.

There are four principle routes out of Xela. The south (to the Pacific coast) is blocked by 20 landslides. The North is also blocked - landslides. West (to Mexico) is blocked by ($1 is you can guess - landslides). East (the main highway to Guatemala City) is blocked by landslides and washouts like this one:

I drive right by there all the time - would have yesterday had not rain and my wife told me "No." That is what remains of 4 lanes. If I remember that spot I think it's probably a 150 drop off. That little pickup has the mountain to his right and the drop off to the left. Stay frosty, amigo.

This is here in town, in Xela. Zone 2 suffers when it rains as they are in the lowland and the drains quickly clog with debris:

The next is from Almolonga, a suburb of sorts of Xela, about 20 minutes away. Not a good day for that Toyota.

Again, we're all OK and are currently looking at how we can be most useful in the recovery. Please pray - disasters are an amazing time to demonstrate very clearly the love of Christ to people.