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Saturday Morning.

I guess that has a different ring for different people. My formative years were the 1980's.  While that decade gave us Twisted Sister and zippered jackets it also produced some darn good cartoons.

Which we watched on Saturday Morning.

I didn't have cable until I moved to Guatemala. Strange, but that's how it worked. Saturday meant no school. No getting up early for school. No homework. It meant my mom got to sleep in. I woke up, got cereal (typically one of the 9 varieties of Chex or new-comer CrisPix; Lucky Charms and other such sugary breakfasts were a rare indulgence) and turned on one of the networks.

Looney Toons reruns. Thundercats. He-Man. G.I. Joe. The one season of M.A.S.K. Oh, how I loved these shows. Part of the wonder was the limited availability. Limited things always hold more wonder. It's a tenet of human nature that marketing gurus have manipulated for profit time and again. And we still fall for it because we're silly. Really, we are.

I have heard that as video killed the radio star, cable killed Saturday morning cartoons. Cable took the mind-mushing Toons that I could only get from 6-10am one day a week and gave it a Network. Kids could watch cartoons for hours. Every day. So when Saturday came along, why wake up early and cram snap crackle and pops into your face before dawn? And so died the wonder.

We only let our kids watch cartoons on Saturday Morning. We probably shouldn't let them watch at all, but we do. And while they watch them in Spanish, the wonder still exists. They are excited about it because they are forced to delay gratification.

Delayed Gratification. Oh, that we as a people would practice this more. And we are sorely out of practice. I want that TV now. I want a new car now. Give me a balanced budget now. I want a new iPad or Tablet

Give me the bliss of wedded love now (before we're married). Give me my dream house. My wardrobe. Give me my buffed and polished and perfect masses - in church. Give me a 25 minute sermon that makes me feel just bad enough to feel good about myself because surely I'm not as bad as that other guy. Give me music that I like to listen to but which never moves me to participate in actual worship because sometimes worship takes awhile and I want to feel good now. Give me spiritual maturity. Now.

Somehow we have let the network mentality invade our churches. We have become consumers manipulated by marketeers and sacrificed our Christlikeness on the altar of Now. Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self Control. Against such things there is no Now.

We say we want to bear fruit but refuse time in the garden. Time with the gardener (submission) Time for pruning (cutting off). Time for root building (little show). The spiritual life cannot be grown on credit. It's a cash only, give what little you have system. Give your mustard seed, your loaves and fish, your 2 copper coins and watch God grow an orchard, feed a football stadium and return your investment in a way that would make a day trader blush.

It's Saturday Morning.

What have you been waiting for?

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