pear juice and zombie comics

I'm sitting here at 3:19 while my 4 year old peruses my Calvin and Hobbes collection in search of the elusive"zombie comic". He does this every few months. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I should say I like them a lot. I love my son. Words have meaning and I cannot share that verb with paper and ink.

I should be working. I was, but then my boy came in to ask if his rest time was over. I have no idea when it started (I was working then) so I had no valid answer and thus began the "zombie comic" exploration. Maybe more of an inquiry. Either way he's looking through comic books that make me happy and that makes me happy.

He's finished looking. Empty handed. A life lesson: we don't always find what we're looking for. Now he wants a snack of pear juice and apples. Again - no go. We're fresh out of pear juice. I don't think we ever had any but he knows that we have pears and that pears have juice so he wants me to get the juice out of the pear and give it to him.

Did I mention I ought to be working?

His mother just came in and now my little boy is upstairs with her in his Danny White jersey that used to be his uncle's and I'm here in my office with a pile of comic books and no desire to continue preparing to teach Sesion 4: "El Problema del Galataismo" on Sunday.

Did mention I love my son? If we had some pear juice I'd have a better excuse to quit early. Oh look I found one. Google found it for me. I think I need to go show it to someone.

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