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Well, the Crossroads team arrived safely back home to 100+ August temps on Sunday. They were simply a wonderful team. Truly a blessing. Jenny and I had been trying to get a foot in the door to serve at a nearby orphanage for 3 months and after just 4 days of the team working there the directors trusted us and were hugging us and planing what we can do next. Amazing! Thank you all 11 members of the CBC team.

Basically, we asked what was needed. And they needed paint. Paint put on things. Things like doors and banisters. It started with 7 doors and every day the director added a few until we ended with 17. The men took heavy metal doors down the hill to a workshop (situated between a pig-sty and the chicken coup) and sanded and painted the doors. We did this pretty much all day, except the first day when we were asked to break up and move granite boulders. After we moved 4 (that's right, 4) in 3 hours, we decided that the rest needed to remain as a retaining wall. Ever try to split a boulder? It's hard. After a few hours, the Guatemalan handyman who works there asked us why we hadn't yet split the boulder. I told him us gringos had no idea what we were doing. So we sanded and scraped and painted until we ran out of time to do it. Here's some door pics and John being studly with the paint pistol.

The ladies painstakingly sanded the detailed banister for 2 days in the morning and taught the kids in the afternoons. They taught them some English and also taught them how to make crafts that they can sell at the fair in September. The ladies were true champs and because of them the kids now have new knowledge and skills...not to mention 150 feet of freshly painted banisters.

It was truly a joy to serve with this team. They were simply wonderful. And only 4 of the 11 came down with tummy issues. That's success in my book! Though maybe not for those 4.

Here is a look around the orphanage as we got ready to leave.

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Mike Messerli said...

Hey....I just wanted to hear from you. :) I'm thrilled it went well. Thanks for the update...even if I had to twist your arm to get it.