a little preface

It's hard to believe I get paid to do this. It really is. My job is to tell people about Jesus and help them follow Him. I do other things, but that's my job. It's amazing and I'm sitting here this morning wondering how in the world God lets me do it. And make no mistake, He's the one who really does all the work. He is the maker and filler and pourer of goofy human vessels, of which I am proudly included.

13 years ago I began to meet with a group of equally goofy vessels. We were in college or just out and were all connected to this college ministry called Late Nite which in itself was an amazing work of God made up of kids who had no idea what they were doing - but that's another tale. We met on Monday. 7 pm. Mostly we met and chatted about life and struggles and God. There was one rule: No b.s. It was real, gritty, ugly, silly and God was there doing things. Over the next 3 years some of the guys graduated and moved and we added others so that during that time we totaled 9 guys who I call my Covenant Brothers. Of those 9, 7 of us are in full time Christian minsitry, 1 is a doctor paying off loans so he can be a missionary, and the other one has walked away from Jesus, to the deep ache of my heart. 6 pastors and a missionary came out of that group of band nerds, jocks, former pot dealers and a preacher's kid. Only God does that.

Two of those guys are now pastors. They came on a team of 15 to visit us in Xela and help the local churches by doing street evangelism and inviting people in the neighborhood to one of 5 special services at different churches. They came about 2 weeks ago. And God, who alone can use utter doofases for His glory, did it again.

I'll tell you what all He did in the next post...which will not be another month from now. Promise :)