snap. crakle. pop.

It's Mother's Day today in Guatemala. They do it on the 10th instead of a Sunday. Why? No one seems to know. Anyway, it's the same deal: flowers, cards, advertising avalanche. Guatemalans enjoy celebrating pyrotechnically. The birth of Christ? Boom. Birthdays? Boom. Mom's day? Ditto:

Typical fashion is to set a string of firecrackers off at dawn. Or around dawn. Or before. Today I think they started around 4:30; faint pops in the distance like kids stomping on bubble wrap in a classroom down the hall. And it has continued. I sort of like that part of Guatemala now. I didn't used to, but after awhile traditions become just part of life. Our kids sleep right through every crack and pop. I don't, but then again, we have a 3 month old so uninterrupted sleep is sort of this distant fantasy that Jenny and I giggle about and try to remember.

So, here's to mom's in Guatemala. Let's blow something up.


Erin S. said...

Happy Mother's Day

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Mike Messerli said...

cool. and congrats on the interview thing. good luck!

Lauralea said...

Awesome blog!
great to see how God is working!