I was captured by aliens and forced to slave away in the iridium mines of the Nebucore system! By sheer craftiness, I sneaked by my Gorgon overlord, broke into the ventilation shaft, climbed 7 miles on my face and elbows to the surface, singlehandedly defeated a battalion of battle dwarfs, released the captives, saved the princess, hot wired a star cruiser and warped back to planet earth. En route I balanced the Federal deficit, ended world hunger and solved a Rubik's Cube. I got back home late last night in time to put the kids down and give my wife a foot rub before sleeping 6 hours and running a marathon.

And that's why I haven't blogged.

Or I've just been really busy working at a job I love.

So, anyway, for those folks who graze this blog occasionally, I'm still here.

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Jim said...

So glad you're back!

(Those interplanetary battles can be real time-suckers)