I was captured by aliens and forced to slave away in the iridium mines of the Nebucore system! By sheer craftiness, I sneaked by my Gorgon overlord, broke into the ventilation shaft, climbed 7 miles on my face and elbows to the surface, singlehandedly defeated a battalion of battle dwarfs, released the captives, saved the princess, hot wired a star cruiser and warped back to planet earth. En route I balanced the Federal deficit, ended world hunger and solved a Rubik's Cube. I got back home late last night in time to put the kids down and give my wife a foot rub before sleeping 6 hours and running a marathon.

And that's why I haven't blogged.

Or I've just been really busy working at a job I love.

So, anyway, for those folks who graze this blog occasionally, I'm still here.


Easter Monday

So for some reason I love Easter Monday. It may have something to do with the Sousa march "Easter Morning on the White House Lawn". I love me a Sousa march. But I think it has more to do with what was celebrated the previous day.

I just love Easter. I love Spring. Life pops up again after a winter nap. I don't really get that here in Guatemala, the "Land of Eternal Spring" as they call it. It feels like Spring all the time which is nice, but the thing I like about Spring is the change, the transformation, the difference. Brown to green. Cold to warm. Dormant to life.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most significant event in the history of humanity, ought to remind us that there is more than just this life. It's a little taste of eternity and it all began that glorious day when the angel sat atop the stone that sealed in my Lord and said to the women, "He is not here. He is risen, just as he said he would." That's my favorite sentence maybe in the whole Bible. The reality of that statement is a sonic boom that shatters all my doubts and fears. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow says the great old hymn. Because He lives, I can face today. I can face my yesterday. And I can do whatever He has for me to do because that tomb was empty. Tombs are not the place for Christians. Where death and sadness and darkness rule. Our place is in the brilliant light of day, knocking on the stones which keep others in darkness and asking the risen Jesus to bring them out from death and in to His marvelous life.

So that's why I like Easter Monday. It's my "What do I do Now" day after remembering what has been done for me. Now I just need to find a recording of that Sousa march...