order up

My, my, my.

I must admit I find it hard to blog on a regular basis. This is, of course, quite evident. It's not so much a lack of desire as it is having 10 or 20 minutes to sit and type something worth reading. But anyway.

I'm sitting here on a lovely cool morning listening to a little bird and coffee maker symphony. I like routine. I do. I'm not freaky about it, but I function better when there is some consistency to life. I used to think that meant I lacked flexibility or spontaneity and therefore creativity, but at this phase in life a little order is in order.

I simply have a lot of things to do that require disciple to do them. Everything from exercise to things with work and supporters to family require that I actually plan them and do them. I can't just float through like a dandelion puff. When I do that I get blown around too much. And I'm not really talking about seizing control and pumping it up in the air in victory. I'm just talking about asking the Lord what He wants me to do, then planning it, laying those plans before Him, and then doing them. I can't control all the peripheral stuff like the washer leaking and kids getting sick, but I can arrange life so that I have opportunity to do things that matter. Actually, I think that boundaries are a great conduit for creativity, but maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Anyhoo...probably a funny post for a blog named Ramble Zone, but that's where I'm at today. The coffee is ready, and now so am I.

I just noticed that the time stamp on Blogger is on daylight savings time, where as I am not. Blogger is an hour ahead of me. That's strange for some reason. Ok then. Time for coffee.


Sunday stuff

It's Sunday morning and we are not going to church. We have been working since Wednesday to unpack and wash and fold. We have been looking for lids and replacing bulbs and restocking the pantry. We were gone for 3 months and brought 10 checked bags full of...stuff...back to our home. We had moved our other stuff so that another family could move in and watch our home during our home assignment so they they would have a place to put their stuff and do the things they needed to do while they did a fantastic job of taking care of our stuff that we had put away.

So when you unload 10 bags you get this swarm of stuff all over the house. This swarm had nowhere to nest because we had to take our pre-existing stuff and figure out how to blend it with our new stuff swarm so that all the stuff has a place. This has taken longer than expected.

I blame the children.

We have a boy(4) and a girl (2) and a 5 week old son. They require 27 hours of attention, per child, per day. They do not meet their required daily allowance. Why? Because Jenny and I need to do other things like run errands and balance the checkbook and organize the stuff. Now, we don't ignore the children. Yesterday, in fact, while a pile of stuff lay unattended, I spent far too long playing Hi-Ho-Cherry-O. Though, admittedly, one round is too long and we played a lot more than that. Do you know that those cherries fit perfectly inside the nostril of a 2 year old? And they have 2 nostrils. We are currently short 2 cherries from that game but they haven't yet shown up in a diaper so we're holding out some hope. I began this post at 7:13. It is now 8:06. It doesn't take me that long to type, but in that time I have had to get a snack for the kids, then a drink, change a diaper, reheat coffee, get a different drink, find tiny princess house shoes, pull a finger out of a pop-up-book and mend a wounded soul. I have taken 9 round trips upstairs and am now drinking cold coffee because I simply don't care. My beautiful and talented bride is thankfully sleeping (a rarity) with our 5 week old because she has not slept more than 3 hours in a row since Halloween and that leaves me with only 2 munchkins, a Labrador and a cat who keeps sleeping on my pajama pants.

The 9 loads of laundry that were washed and dried yesterday need to be folded today and put up because in 3 days we have to pack again to leave for a week. Of vacation. Where we will most assuredly collect more stuff and have no place to put it. I hear the tiniest munchkin grunting on the monitor (baby, not lizard) and the eldest munchkin and his tiny blue eyed minion need to break fast so I can change the tiniest munchkin and give his mother a little more rest.

It's Sunday, see. And we're not going to church. We will be gone the next 2 Sundays and it's better to let everyone know you're back when you can actually say, "Yes, I 'd love to" instead of, "No, I can't". So, that's where we're at this Sunday morning.

On second thought, maybe I'll just blame the stuff. It will have fewer issues as a teenager.


ok then

A Month and a day. We're back in Guatemala. Anyone still out there?

My plan to blog while on furlough proved a pipe dream. We're getting some semblance of normalcy back and with some normal come some blogs.

Life is good, God is better, and I have a lot of things in storage that I'd like to unpack - both literally and mentally.