baby tired

Whew. It's an odd time after a baby is born. Your whole life is focused on an event - a very important event - and then in a moment, it's over. Jenny's not pregnant anymore and our baby is out where we can hold him and kiss him and change his diaper.

It's amazing how different life is now. When we go somewhere, he needs a carseat. Our family now has 5 people in it. His needs and desires get thrown into the decision matrix. Our baby girl is now a big sister. Our son has a brother. We completely fill up a sedan. And that is how it will be from here on out. Our family has changed. And it's wonderful.

He's eating great and sleeping great and Jenny and I have that strange sense of being proud of our baby for just doing what he does even though we don't have much control over it. Being a parent is so weird.

Weird and wonderful. That sounds about right for now.