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No baby still. but the due date is tomorrow so...hopefully he comes soon. It's amazing how many people (by far the majority) assume that Jenny will be induced on her due date as opposed to just going into labor. Not sure why that's amazing.

Ok. So, we have needed a loaner car. Not so much needed one up until this week, but we have been letting people know of our need. And yesterday we got a call from a guy who works for a dealer here in town and we went to pick it up. He just gave us the keys. No signing. No nothing. Then he called the guy at their detail shop and said, "I'm sending a young couple over to you. If they need anything, do it."

We were just amazed at how the Lord provides and how He uses people to be the conduit or the vessels for His provision and blessing. The reality that God has designed us to be part of His work here on planet earth is so wonderful. It is a reality that too few experience. There are a whole bunch of people in Haiti who are at this very moment experiencing the joy of being a vessel and of receiving from a vessel, the love of God in the form of food and water and a searcher digging through rubble. Only God takes something so horrible and brings something good up from all the horror.

Anyway. So now we have a car. It's a Lincoln Zephyr. We asked the Lord for a car and he gives us a Lincoln. Amazing.

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Anna C said...

Hey Brandon and Jenny, that's such a good report about the car! Our church's prayer team is praying for Keegan, and we were happy to share the praise report about him flipping and staying put! We'll be excited to share when he makes his entrance. Love you guys,
John and anna