off to have an external cephalic version

Well, so far my plans to blog even semi-daily have been derailed by life and college football. I confess I have not fought the temptation to watch.

This morning we will go into the hospital so that Jenny can have a procedure done which will help flip Keegan so that he's head down, allowing Jenny to have a normal birth as opposed to a C-section. Jenny's been doing just about everything imaginable from playing music to seeing an acupuncturist. But mostly we have asked people to pray, and it is in the Lord that we trust, not those other things. Trust God and work your butt off is sort of a Scott family phrase so we're trying to keep up with that.

We go to the hospital at 9 and the procedure is scheduled for 11. We'll let you know as we are able. Lord willing, all will go well and we'll come home today with a head-down Keegan and wait for Jenny's body to do the rest. Thank you for praying, folks.


haitimom said...

"The Great Physician" is waiting for you'll at the hospital.

haitimom said...

Frost on the Haitian pumpkin, it is 74 degrees here. glad for the good news.
Love you

Jim said...

Let us know how it went. We know from experience how difficult an experience that can be. But God is in control!