no baby yet semi-plan to blog more regularly has fallen completely apart. I'm just busy doing other things and don't think about it when I'm near a computer remains undone. Saturday morning is, in Guatemala, when I usually blog so I thought I would do that again.

I have an aching back. For those who live with back pain, I'm really sorry. I found out I have a degenerated disk in my lumbar so, hopefully it will get better. I wish I could visit our friend Dr. Jeremy. I trust him.

Jenny is due in...4 days. I'm SO excited to meet Keegan. Jenny's just fine letting him bake. She says it will never be easier to take care of him than it is right now. And she's right. But she gets to spend every moment with him and I don't so I'm ready to meet him and kiss his sweet face.

A word on God's provision. We, as missionaries, are more acutely aware that God is our provider because we have a salary which comes to us directly from other people. I realize that everyone has what they have because it comes from the Lord, but we can't look at our paycheck and say, "We earned this" because, really, we didn't. People gave it to us. Anyway, we ask the Lord to help us a lot and He does. It's fun.

Recently we have been asking Him (and other people) to provide a vehicle for us to borrow for when Keegan comes. Including Jenny's mom, that will make 6 of us - more than can fit in her Honda - and if I need to travel somewhere it's rather complicated. So, we asked the Lord for help and then we let our need be known, and we get a call from Mr. Alderson of Alderson Motors here in Lubbock. He pretty well known around here as the man that sells everyone their Cadillacs and Lexi and Beamers. And he's going to get us a car next week.

It's just funny what you sometimes get when you ask the Lord for help.

Also, we're teaching at a Sunday School class through the book of James. We were supposed to go through a chapter a week but we're starting week 3 on Sunday and we hope to finish chapter 1. There's a lot to apply in James. It's rather convicting preparation. But good.

OK. I am off to go get doughnuts - something I can't do in Guatemala.

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haitimom said...

Brandon, we are so sorry to hear you are having back pain and will pray that the doctor can do the proper adjustments. With your full schedule, not to mention waiting for your child to be born, you don't need this.
We are doing fine so far, well better than fine compared to what is going on with this country. So many people we know have lost family members and the rest do not yet know if their family is alive or not. Such indescribable heart ache. It makes any problem I am dealing with seem minuscule.
The Thompsons may have lost their entire container. It arrived in PAP on Sunday. The port itself has sunk into the ocean. Maybe the container was taken somewhere on land but no one knows. Of course compared to the lives that have been lost that seems a bit trivial but still it was their "home."
The Haitians are saying that what needs to happen is for everyone to get out of PAP and just burn the rest down. We have friends here who have gone into PAP and returned safely, but the horror stories are just unbelievable. This has changed my life forever.
I am so very thankful we still have our family and that is the most important thing.
Well, just talked to you, so I'll end this.
Your dad and I love you very much. Kiss my "babies" and a big hug to you and Jenny.