and we're still waiting...

Well, Jenny is 5 days late. I have heard these can only come out by praying and fasting so, maybe that's the ticket. Normally, we would not be worried in the least, but I need to go out of town on Friday for a mission's conference. I most certainly need to leave by Saturday at the latest, latest, latest!

And I am not supposed to be anxious about any of this.

But I am. I normally am not a worrier, but I can't seem to trust the Lord on the timing of this. A lot of factors play into my excuse. We are low on support and so I really, really need to be there for the CBC mission's conference. Also, I am preaching on Sunday and I must be there for that. If Keegan has not come we are considering inducing Jenny on Friday - something that we really want to avoid - so that I can leave on Saturday.

So...if you read this, please join us in asking the Lord to bring that baby. Because there's absolutely nothing I can do to get that critter out on my own.

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