upside down

Yesterday we went to see Jenny's OB. Things seem to be fine but the Dr. wanted us to go in for a sonogram just to check things out, given that she hadn't seen Jenny since July. All Keegan's parts seem to be working just fine. We saw his sweet, mushed little face. He just happens to be in the wrong position.

At this point he ought to he head down, ready to meet us. Instead he is folded with his feet in front of his face and his tush headed down. He's breech. Given that Jenny has birthed our first two naturally and without complication we were assuming the same with Keegan. Ah, assumptions. So now we are praying that the Lord will turn that little fella around so Jenny can give birth as she was designed. Would you join us in asking the Lord to help us? There are apparently techniques to get the baby in the right position and we'll be talking with the OB but it's really up to the Lord.

We're dealing with a little frustration and trying to prepare ourselves mentally for either a natural or Cesarean birth. I'm not sure if that's a lack of faith or simply acknowledging that the Lord is not obligated to do things our way, but we are certainly believing He will help us, knowing He will be with us either way.


Mark said...

We've had a couple look like that, but everyone turned around, sometimes at the very last moment. Hopefully it will work out for you.

Anonymous said...

I had my baby naturally also and she waited a little while to turn. My midwife suggested rocking back and forth on my elbows and knees - helping them with gravity/ability for free movement. She suggested doing it after meals while the baby was awake. I did for a couple of weeks till the next check and she turned! Just rocked while watching TV or something. But you're right, it's ultimately God. We can just help Him out a little. :)

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