It's Friday, right?

Man, I need to go on furlough so I can have more time to blog.

Ha. While we will have more 'time' I am going to spend it mostly talking with people but maybe I can squeeze in a few more blogs.

Today I get to drive to a town called Huehuetenango and visit with the Ekstroms, the missionary couple in their 80's. I'll be talking with them about their story and trying to fill in details of 160+ years of combined life. I am planning to write their story and I admit that I am terrified to begin in earnest. I honestly have no idea what I am doing. That's not a reason to avoid doing something, of course, but it makes it scarier.

I hope to be able to begin writing when we are in Texas so maybe more blogs are out of the picture. See, the thing with writing a blog for me is that if I don't get it done in the morning before the kids get up it just won't get done. I feel weird blogging when I have work to do and after the kids get down Jenny and I are often in zombie mode and go to bed at 9:30. But I am trying to at least get more than one a week done. We'll see. The fact that 'blog' is not in the blogger auto-dictionary is just silly.

Last night we had a Canadian couple and their 3 kids over for dinner. It was just a ton of fun. We really, really enjoy just sitting and talking with them. The got here at 6 and left at 10:30 and the time flew by. Their kids are a little older and played with our kids for hours. And to date I have never met a mean Canadian. I'm sure they exist, I just haven't met one I didn't like.

And with that, I need to get ready to leave. It's always fun hanging out with the Ekstroms - they are truly an amazing duo.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brandon,

Since Mike has censored my comments and prevented me from responding to his blog, i will answer your question here.

(Cut and paste)
Mike wont dare allow truth to be posted but i will answer you anyway brandon.

My posts show the world that Christians are tollerant and loving poeple, we accept all poeple and will stand up for you even when one of our own is going rogue. My heart is with all those who love the truth and do not censor it. My heart shows the Muslim and the Mormon and whoever else Mike wishes to be his whipping post of the day that he does not represnt authentic christianity. Speaking the truth based upon the teaching of the christ and his love, and people DO respond to that. They do not repond to condemnation and religous fanaticism towards people of other faiths. People want to be loved and accepted and given hope. They dont want an ideology pushed down their throats.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Hello whoever you are,

You say you will stand up for one of us going rogue yet you drag Mike through the mud and say that he doesn't know God. I find that very inconsistent. Worse yet, you do this under the guise of Christian tolerance, yet are entirely intolerant of Mike's view. You say that speaking the truth based upon the teaching of Jesus will cause people to respond, yet when Mike repeats the words of Jesus (John 14:6, for example) you slander him.

I agree that people want to be loved and accepted and given hope. If you knew Mike even a little you would know that he does that every day. I truly mean every day. Jesus gives us hope because He is in contrast to the despair of life without Him; a life of condemnation. But we must admit that life without Jesus Christ is indeed a hopeless one and Muslims, for example, do not have the joy and peace of life lived walking with Jesus Christ. And so we proclaim Christ to them and in doing so give them hope.

Tolerance doesn't give people hope. It keeps them open to listen, but it does not proclaim the truth to them which is that those who have not believed in the one and only Son of God, Jesus Christ, stand condemned already.

I can't know your heart and so I don't say this in a judgmental way, only to let you know how you come across in case that is not your intent. You sound arrogant. You sound like you post the truth and that those who disagree with you are intolerant and abusive. Mike doesn't' claim to have the truth, he claims that God has given us the truth in His Son, Jesus and he points to Christ to say "Let's do what He said". Do you see the difference? If his interpretation if the Bible offends you, then you, in being consistent with the standard to which you are holding Mike, ought to be tolerant of his view.

I would ask that you remember that Mike is a believer and (I assume you are claiming faith in Christ) that makes him your brother. To slander him is a very serious thing (just search for how slander is used in the New Testament) and I ask that you consider that we are warned far more against slander than we are against intolerance.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that Mike has the freedom to slander whoever he wants and you nor him find issue with it. But, as soon as it is turned back on him, you both cry foul. You say i am not being loving and not accepting his views? HELLO! Thats what he is doing to Mormons! Thats the entire point!

1"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

As far as John 14:6 goes, you are reading into it what you want, there are other ways of interpretating what it is saying, ways that dont descriminate against Mormons or others and actually allows mankind to discover the Christ in their lives and become one with each other.

The Christ is saying that no one come to the father but by him, meaning by his nature. You dont come to the father by believing an ideology about jesus, you come to the father by being like the Christ. His love, sacrifice, compassion, selflessness, etc...must become your own, you must walk the path and be transformed.

John 1: The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.

This is where you evangelicals go
totally wrong, you assume everyone who doesnt believe your theology is lost and going to hell. You make a huge assumption that you are interpreting the Christs words correctly and you have zero tollerance for anyone who disagrees.

Anonymous said... words towards mike were meant to be descriptive, not derogatory. I have no ill will against him and dont find any joy in shining the light on the situation. The whole things saddens me greatly, but we are called to shine light into darkness.

Brandon and Jenny said...

"This is where you evangelicals go
totally wrong, you assume everyone who doesn't believe your theology is lost and going to hell. You make a huge assumption that you are interpreting the Christs words correctly and you have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees."

Ok..this is Jenny...Brandon's wife, and my first time to chime in on this.

Regarding the above comment. we are interpreting that scripture in two different ways. How is it that you are so certain that your interpretation is correct? I am not going to argue the point of which one of our interpretations are correct, but you are so sure that we are wrong and that you are right.

How do you know that for sure? Is it not possible that you are wrong? How is that tolerance? I am going to ask the question that Brandon brought up earlier. How come you are not "tolerant" of our view? I am not going to claim tolerance that says that all views are correct as long as we are loving. But if that is what you are claiming for yourself, why is my view not ok?

Maybe I don't understand what you mean by tolerance. I mean...if it means that I will love the person and can be friends with them, even if I disagree with them, then I'd say we are very tolerant. If you mean that all views are equally valid, then I am not tolerant.

P.S. - for me to tell you that I think you are wrong is not unloving. If your child (and I don't know if you have one or not, but maybe you can get the image even if you don't) is trying to put their pants on backwards, or their shoe on the wrong foot, you can very much in love tell them what you think is the correct way (the easiest, most comfortable way) to wear pants and shoes. To point out to someone if you think they are wrong, depending on how it is done, can be the most loving thing. I am sure that you wouldn't disagree with the above point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I know what you are saying with your analogy, but it doesnt really work. You are assuming you know the right and only way to God and you need to help others see that. What if your wrong? Not as clear cut as wearing your pants backwards. I see lots of faiths in the world, not too mny poeple wearing their pants backward.

I think everyone is missing the point, i dont have a problem with mikes faith, he is free to believe what he would like. What i do have a problem with is him criticising other peoples faith. It is no ones place to tell anyone else that they are godless and hopeless, that doesnt edify in any way. Mike shouldnt tell Mormons that, and i shouldnt tell mike that. My words were to make this point, not criticise his faith.

You wont save anyone by bashing their faith, Faith is usaully ingrained in them from childhood, part of their heritage, their culture, their family fabric. Loving them without condemnation is what will reach them, and then the seed is planted and God will water as he sees fit.

this is my last post, best wishes.

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