Goodness, it's been awhile. Last week was some what odd and exceedingly busy so I just never posted anything. This week is somewhat busy and a little odd because we leave for 3 months on Monday and there are an insane amount of things to do.

I got to preach on Sunday at our home church and that was a lot of fun. Some of you said that you wanted to see it and Jenny recorded a short video so, here it is.


Ian said...

My impressions:

A) It's like switching TV to the spanish settings

B) Your speech patterns and mannerisms are exactly the same :-)

C) That is really, really cool, man.

Layin' down the Jesus en Espanol. Not bad for a Texas boy, huh?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah, I can't really change how I talk. At least not yet. And my mannerisms are what they are. I guess it would be a lot of frustrating time spent trying to change that. I'm a lot less explosive than most preachers here!

Actually, I think being a Texas boy helped with my pronunciation. Jenny and I have been told that our accents are really good; something for which we are very thankful. Conjugating verbs correctly is a whole other matter which many a day beguiles me terribly.

I'm glad you saw it. Maybe someday you guys con come see it LIVE!

reuminations said...

i likes that tie!!!!!!!

Ashley L. @ Missionary Moms said...

Hello! I would like to invite you to come join in on the discussion about our hearts this Christmas season at Missionary Moms. I hope you stop by to be encouraged and to pray! God bless and Merry Christmas!


Mike Messerli said...