While it lasts

Saturday mornings are a time when we allow our children to rot their brains by watching cartoons and eating cereal so unnaturally colored and devoid of nutrition and that the cereal people are forced to add in vitamins just to avoid prosecution. But they like it. Of course it tastes good and is crunchy. I just ate a little blue ring that tasted like stale blueberry syrup. My daughter is giving them to me one by one. Surely nothing given to me by so beautiful a courier could be bad? The chewing surfaces of my teeth are now smooth, filled to the brim with a rainbow of fruit flavored pseudo grain. A swig of room temperature coffee and all is well.

Our tiny backyard has been overrun by black woolly bear caterpillars. They are an appropriately named creature. Our son enjoys collecting them and storing them in a liter yogurt container with holes punched in the lid. It's a sub-standard prison, but the alternative is death by garden shears or being flung over the razor wire wall into the neighboring corn field so all together it's not a bad deal. He plays with them in the sand box: gritty, fuzzy pre-metamorphosed worms spilling from his hands. He piles them in his dump truck and buries them in the sand and shrieks with delight when they wriggle to freedom, tiny Shai-Hulud ruled by their blue eyed master in a green plastic turtle. It's fun. And boys who can play with dirt and bugs make better men. Of this I am certain.

And so our Saturday is. It will change. As our children grow and sleep until 11, these mornings will pass away and I will have to rouse them from sleep to go and do whatever teenagers will do in a dozen years from now on a Saturday morning in a place I do not yet know. So I will enjoy it now. While it remains. For I am sure I will miss it when it's gone.


haitimom said...

You bet you'll miss it. But other phases replace it and they are good. But nothing can compare to this precious time.

R. Marchant Bouvier said...

That's awesome.

verification word: scalitef

I think we had this when we were younger, didn't we?

Russell said...

I had to google your reference to Shai-Hulud. I can't say I've seen Dune all in one sitting. But I can't say I'm surprised at you referencing. Geeks of the world unite.


Brandon and Jenny said...

I read the book a few years ago - much better than the movie - but I've only read the first book. I was told they get really wacky. I have only seen the Dune movie made in the 80's (David Lynch maybe?) and it's pretty strange. I'm proud to be a little geeky - I wish I was more geeky - I'd know more.