Man, I really need to blog more than weekly. I have no imperative for doing so other than once a week seems too far between posts.

Anyway, the week in review. Weeks go really fast, don't they? Some faster than others, some a weird mix. I was supposed to teach a group of pastors this week at a prayer meeting. The pastors here meet in varying locals to pray for and encourage one another. Normally it goes something like this:

9:00 - sing hymns and songs and pray
10:30 - drink some kind of atol (a hot drink normally made from rice or corn) and eat some kind of bread
11:00 - pray more
11:30 - Someone preaches
12:30 - sing more songs
1:00 - eat lunch
2:00 - drive home

So, when I go out, that's what I normally do. It's usually somewhere within 2 hours of the house so I leave at 7 and get back around 4. Not too bad.

This last Tuesday I went out to a great little place of which I forgot to take a picture (again) and met with the pastors. I was excited because I finally brought the camera and remembered to ask one of the pastors to take a picture of me preaching so all you folks will actually believe I do it. But when it came time to go up front, another guy was teaching! Basilo, a good friend of mine, said, "Oh, you had something ready?!" and I told him not to worry about it. So I spent about 8 hours getting something ready that I didn't' use...but I have a great little sermon with cool handouts ready for next time! All printed up and ready to roll.

I also went to a breakfast meeting yesterday at 8:00 (for which the guy did not show) and wasted an hour after that standing in line at the bank.

I was very busy accomplishing nothing. Sigh. That's life sometimes. I did get a good deal of time in preparing a sermon over Matt 28:16-20 which has been a ridiculous amount of fun.

So, add in normal filling out of forms and errands and planning and whatnot and you have a week done and gone.

I want to talk about being a dad and the shoeshine boys and how someone stole our neighbor's dog. Man. It's a bad world out there.


haitimom said...

I wanna hear about being a dad, the shoe shine kids and someone stole your neighbor's dog?? Watch Bella closely. what kind of a dog did they steal?

Ian said...


Brandon and Jenny said...

Pardon my disconnectedness, but what does +1 mean?

Ian said...

It means: I agree one to what the person above me said, and would like to add my support.


Person #1
I think Ian wants an M-4.

Person #2

It an internet miracle!


verification word: afteeduc

"Daffy Duck" being poorly transmitted?

mutating missionary said...

+2 :-)
hugs dear one!