in passing

Someone once told me to always remember the phrase, "This too shall pass." It sounds like something my mom would say but I can't remember if it was her or another sage so it shall remain in the general wisdom compartment of my brain.

It sure is a handy phrase.

Today I think I'm basically over whatever it was that made me sick. That makes 5 days of it. The kids are just about better, minus a cough. It passed. I know several of you have been praying for us. Thank you.

Last night when our son awoke at 1 something because he wanted me to adjust his covers? This too shall pass. Not that I wasn't upset, mind you. I was. But that simple little phrase helped me kiss him and tell him not to get up anymore and go back to bed without yelling or getting all rilled up.

I don't have time to write all the things that have passed but next time you're in the foxhole (even if in reality it's more like a pot hole) remember, "This too shall pass". It certainly helps me.

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haitimom said...

"This too shall pass" was, and is my mantra. I am sure you heard it from other people.

I finally finished "Heavenly Man" and I feel....well disturbed. It is almost as if this man (and his wife and kids) were "more than human" somehow. Even with God's help I just do not see how he survived. It is so freighting to realize the depths of horror satan will go to prevent the gospel from being preached. I do not want to hear that Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are great religions (and Voodoo for that matter) They are not, their source comes from the pits of hell. It is very interesting that God has called missionaries out of China to be witnesses to these people. In their preparations to go, they literally are trained to die for their faith and for the Gospel.
I want to ask God what He wants to teach me from reading this book. But not sure I want to hear the answer because I like my comfort, I like my stuff, I do not want to suffer in any way. Yeah, it is a bit disturbing. Yet, through all his trials, imprisonments and torture God's presence was so evident.
This book is not for the faint of heart but I wonder is it a "wake-up' call to us who claim the name of Christ to understand what that really means.
Glad you introduced me to Brother Yun.