We're on this team called a Transformation Team or T2 for short. Aside from the fact that it reminds me of the best Terminator movie (hands down), I think it's a pretty good name. And a marvelous idea. The actually comes from the phrase, "transformed to transform" and is basically how our mission is being run. A bunch of disciples fulfilling the great commission.

Our team meets once a month and we're called the Country Cousins mainly because we're sort of spread out over Guatemala. One couple from the City, us 4 hours away, another couple 2 hours from us, and 3 couple more or less living near Lake Atitlan (a really cool lake that is behind us in my profile pic). So we most often meet in the middle at the lake.

But this month everyone is headed out to our house. 6 couples. We could not be more pumped. Jenny and I have discovered the delight of hospitality. We both come by it genetically through our most hospitable moms. Learning how to host people and practice hospitality as a couple has been such a delight. We love it. We love feeding people and planning meals and eating and even cleaning up afterwards because we love people and that's part of how you do it. They'll be about 20 of us crammed into our house and we hope it's a hoot. If you don't know what I mean by, "It's a hoot" you have also probably never had really good sweet tea or butter roll and need to visit your Southern friends and let them teach you what it means.

We won't meet for a week. Can't wait.

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