Hello, Sunday

Well it is now Sunday afternoon. What a wonderful thing, Sunday afternoons.

We had a busy week being hospitable and enjoying lots of company. We had the Foote family (6 total) stay with us for 2 nights and fed them lots of food. Starting Wednesday at dinner we fed 12, then 14 for breakfast (homemade biscuits and gravy) then 24 for lunch on Thursday. It was a lot of fun. Like a family reunion.

I thought I would get time to blog a little more last week but proved myself wrong. I am quite good at that.

There are probably too many things to type up so I'll have to put things on the back burner and just blog as I have time.

After church today we tried a restraunt down the street for lunch. Q79, with a tip. That's $9.63 for the whole family. Not bad. We'll see if any of us gets sick. That's always the kicker.

We now get an ABC feed (channel 7 out of L.A.) and were happy to see Texas Tech vs. Texas last night. What a hoot. I think the Cowboys play tonight and if we get that, I am going to watch it. Unless the power is off again in which case...I won't.

One of the things I have been thinking about is how important it is to teach people how to think. If anything is an obstacle to work in the church here it is that people have not been taught how to think for themselves. To look at an issue (pick your poison) and distill it down to the actual problem, then evaluate it according to what the Bible teaches and make decisions accordingly.

Most leaders here repeat what someone else taught them without evaluating what was taught, using Scripture as the base for understanding.

I have noticed that people say that the Bible can mean so many different things that it's impossible to be sure what you believe. The Bible means something different to everybody. But that just isn't true. The Scripture is God's revelation to us - not to confuse us - but to teach us who He is and how to live and act and love here on planet earth.

Certainly there are passages that are obscure and very difficult to understand - but the main things are the clear things and the clear things the main things. I confess I grow weary of the Bible being used as a collection of proof texts instead of the living and active Word of God. We are under the Bible's authority, not the other way around. And the body of Christ has spent so much more time arguing the minutiae instead of obeying the obvious that I wonder some days how we are functioning at all.

I'd better get off my soap box before I upset someone. Not that many people read my blog (at least I don't' think they do) but I'll save that last point for a post in itself...I'm off to take a nap.


Gerald said...

truth is truth and all truth is God's truth; truth may strike a chord in someone but it may also be a melody to be sung. may we ALL gain a better grasp of Scripture so that we may sing its praises!

R. Marchant Bouvier said...

It's more fun when you piss off people :-)

Brandon and Jenny said...

Ha. I wasn't aware I made anybody mad.

Schweers' Mom said...

I like what you said about reading the Bible and learning to think for yourself (with the Holy Spirit's guidance, of course). That's been my frustration with certain popular Bible study leaders (that will shall remain unnamed because I will tick someone off). I was part of one of these groups a couple years ago and in our small groups (after a video lecture), the entire discussion was NOT about what the Bible said, but about what ________ said. I made the comment one day that I didn't think that what ______ said was in the Scripture and all I got was a lot of very hostile comments and stares because, well, of COURSE _______ knew what _______ was talking about! I even made the comment that I really wished the lessons focused more on us looking up Scripture and meditating on it to see what the Holy Spirit could teach us about the subject instead of said Bible study teacher telling us what it meant in the next paragraph after the question. I was told, "Oh we just don't have time for that."

Sad. Very sad.

It made me think of a pastor of a church who had such a loyal following that what he said became what was quoted instead of what the Scripture said.

It's a dangerous thing to elevate ANYONE above what Scripture has to say.

Good post. Hope no one got sick from the restaurant. =-)

Rob said...

I am reading Brandon, keep posting! I love it.