Country Cousins are go

This week ought to be fun. We're on a team with 5 other missionary couples who are spread out over a good chunk of Guatemala. We call ourselves the Country Cousins because only one of the couples lives in Guatemala City. Including the kids there are 4 generations spreading from 21 months to 84 years. It's wonderful. But this month they are all coming to our house! We're so pumped. As strange as it seems, we just love having adult Americans stay with us overnight. We love Guatemalans, of course, but it's fun to sit and have conversations in English and play a board game without explaining everything.

We get to plan meals for people with dietary restrictions and think about what people would like to eat that we can make a lot of for not much money...and we're truly enjoying it quite a bit. We need to go to the Market today and buy all our fruits and vegetables because Gladys has tomorrow off for Guatemalan independence day and without her it takes us about 4 times as long to clean and bleach all the produce. She's a machine.

It will be a lot of normal life with all the preparations thrown in. But it's fun. It's practicing hospitality and for us it is simply a joy. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as we do.

Hopefully I'll have some time to blog about something more substantiative tomorrow.

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haitimom said...

I am looking forward to hearing how the day went. Wish I was there to help Not that you'll need help, but it would be fun. I loved going to that fruit and vegetable market. The market here is just not the same. Everything looked so good even though you had to bring it home and prepare it. I know all the kids will have fun. You will have a truly "full house"