It was fun

I had a wonderful time with the Ekstroms. It was fun just to spend time with them. I got a few hours of video so I have an outline of their time here. Now we need to fill in 50 years of stories. Amazing. God is good. No matter our experience or our stories, God is good and He does good. I don't think enough people really believe that. They don't believe it because the don't know Him. As for why they don't know Him, I admit to being at a loss.

I was able to spend a lot of time just talking with David about the Bible. He has most of it memorized. As a Bible translator, that's what he did - go over the Bible day after day after day. He doesn't have it word for word, but he knows the structure of every single book. The outline, the theme, the subject of each chapter. We talked for hours just about Revelation and Daniel and how few people ever take the structure of the book into account. It was fascinating and wonderful.

Friday night I was horribly sick. I'll spare you the details, but spent Saturday laid out on the couch. I actually laid on the couch for an entire day. Ate some crackers and took fluids. I don't recall the last time I did that. It was a strange experience. Sunday I was also recovering but the power was out so I sat and read all kinds of books until it got dark. It was a good day.

My wife and children are in Lubbock and are trying to return Stand-by and can't get back until Sunday at the earliest. I'm at day 10 and have sort of resigned to things. While I have a lot to do, you just can't work every second of the day. And the downtimes fill with loneliness like sea water into a breached hull. My beloved and my babies took my heart with them and I am simply incomplete without them. You can argue with me theologically if you want that I am complete in Christ and other things, and you would be right; but on this earth the only people I really, really, really need are those three. I can manage with them around and without them I am, to a great degree, lost. I have experienced to the smallest degree a bit of the loneliness a divorced man must feel and I cannot imagine bearing the full weight of such sorrow. Only the Lord would get me through. As He is now.

So, I'll begin to transcribe things and start an outline. I have no idea what I'm doing writing a biography - I'm just doing what's in front of me. May it honor the Lord.

OH! One huge piece of great news: I can now get my minivan serviced in Xela. Sounds silly?'s NOT. It's fully awesome. I can now drive 3 miles instead of 300 to get my oil changed. It's nice.

I have a lot of things I would like to blog about that have popped up from books I am reading. One about WWII...the world needs non-passive leaders. If Neville Chamberlain taught us anything, it's not to appease evil men. They must be removed. I'm also reading a book called The Trivialization of God: The Dangerous Illusion of a Manageable Deity. My, it has some great quotes.

I'll probably be blogging more than normal until my heart returns in the form of my beautiful bride, a loquacious 3 1/2 year old and an 18 month old doll-faced dynamo. Gotta plug the holes with something.


GrannyBoomer said...

Oh, Brandon, that was such a precious blog. I don't check in with you super often, but today I am blessed by God because of your words.
Your dear mama is here in No. TX and I'm really loving her presence. Wish I could also see you all.
I send Holy Hugs, and Prayers...

Anonymous said...

A real man wouldn't need to drive 300 miles or 3 to change his own oil.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Hahaha. Well, a real man would void his warranty if he didn't.

Anonymous said...

it voids the warranty? Dang, that stinks.