how little I know

Things I know:

  • Jesus loves me (the Bible tells me so)
  • Jenny loves me (I have not yet figured out why)
  • My children love me (just because they do)
  • My family loves me (or they would have killed me when I was 11)
  • Other people love me (they tell me and show me)
  • I love all of the above.
  • God is good and does good (see above about Jesus)
  • The Bible is the word of God and enough for me (just read it to find out why)
  • Steak is best cooked over mesquite (you can argue if you like but you would be wrong) ;-)

Things I don't know:

  • Most everything else.

I had someone tell me that I think I know everything. It was on a blog so, don't worry, I'm not hurt. I thought I was answering a question but apparently I did a poor job of creating understanding between us - not surprising given that blog comment is second only to throwing rocks at each other as a means of communication. I just wanted to clarify out there on the internet that as many things as there are to know out there, I know very little.

To be honest, how much I know is not all that important to me. People in general really know very little when you consider how much there is to know. Paul said that knowledge puffs us up. He would know. He knew a heck of a lot more than I ever will. And he was right. Still is right. I get caught up in knowing, some days. I think if I know more of the Bible or more history or art or education techniques that I'll be better, do better.

It's silly, I know, to think that. But I am, often, silly in thought and action.

A dear friend once told me that I'm not the smartest or the best Bible scholar or the most pedigreed. I'm not the best preacher or teacher or planner. He told me that my secret weapon is my love for the Lord. And that is what would make me stand out. I'm still trying to figure out just what he meant, but maybe figuring it out is not what is important. Maybe knowing I love the Lord, however imperfectly, is what is important. Maybe actually loving him is far more important than knowing things about him. Maybe being in love with God is more important than being able to explain something about him. Maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I'll take those things I do know and hold onto them. Some of them may pass away and I won't know those things for certain anymore. But some of them will not pass away. God does not lie. He does not trick us or play shell games with us. He is the potter. And today I am so very thankful to be the clay. Clay doesn't know very much. But it is made and molded and held in the very good, the perfectly wonderful and powerful and loving hands of the potter. And today, that is enough for me.


Anonymous said...


i found your link from Mike's blog. And to my surprise, you are apparently poking fun at our recent interactions.

On one hand you sound sincere, but on the other you are being fairly sarcastic about it.

I realy do wish you well in this life. i just think you need some maturity when it comes to this sort of thing.

I wont bother you again. I just wanted to let you know my feeling on the matter for your benefit.

Best wishes again,

mike p.

Mike P.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hi Mike,

You're not bothering me in the least. You are enigmatic to me, but not a bother. Honestly, I don't know you. I really don't. But I certainly seem inept at communicating my intent to you.

I wasn't poking fun at our interactions. I was attempting to communicate that I have a thick skin when it comes to blog comments because it is so very difficult to accurately interpret a persons' emotions. I let what might seem an insult simply roll off because I often don't know what that person meant. Instead of becoming angry or frustrated, I tried to make light of my ignorance and ineptitude. There was no malice directed at you. So much of communication is lost in this type of forum.

I do need to mature. I will be the first to admit I am fallen and in the growth process. By the Lord's grace, He grows me a little every day.

I get very few new readers and assume my audience largely consists of people who actually know me and can therefore translate my communication errors. I was blogging to people who know me. I was sincerely pondering how little I know and taking comfort in those things and in my God who loves me despite my failings.

But I did not communicate that clearly to you. The impact, if not the intent of my words is that you felt I was poking fun at you and belittling you and your thoughts. I apologize.

Please feel welcome to read and comment here. And I appreciate you for posting your name. Anonymous comments are a pet peeve of mine.

Mike Messerli said...

I'm on the list of people that love you, brother.

KB said...

Brandon-you are correct, sometimes I feel when I am on FKFL I run the danger of bein misunderstood, luckily I can pick up a phone and clarify. Written words alone leave so much room for personal projection. If I want to argue I will assume your typin is aimed to agitate me. If I am in my normal mood I will ignore it, cause hey it's just print. If it ever gits to the point of aggression, I think Good Luck, I am lil on the big side and kinda ornery, wanna meet in the playground after school?
Knowin you as long as I have, I know what you are sayin very well, course in my mind I choose to hear it in your pre-pubescent high pitched voice Haha!
Seriously, I enjoy your point of view, and for the record I am nosy and found the debate referred to. I thought it was all a good discussion even with the chasin rabbits.
I reckon my personal feeling fell right in line with yours on the topic of what is required for Salvation.
Great job, keep it up. We need passionate folks like you in the fight.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thank you, Mike.

Kent - you are on the list of people who have known me for TOO long. Hahaha. The Lord demonstrated such mercy by letting me live through adolescence.

I am indeed terribly afflicted with rabbit-trail syndrome. :-)