Today is Tuesday

Just in case anyone was wondering.

I'm in the process of meeting the area pastors. To do that, I attend these prayer meetings put on my the Pastoral Care Ministry of the Consejo Altiplano. For those of you living in Plano, the name of your town means, "Plain or flat". Just thought I'd take Plano down a notch because I'm from a town named after a 50 ft hill which used to be covered in flowers until Tom Thumb killed them all. Anyway...I digress.

I'm supposed to meet some pastors and either drive with them of they ride with me out to the church. Two different guys said they would call me before today but saying you will do something and actually doing it are not as important here as I am used to. Sometimes folks run out of minutes on their cell phones and can't call. Who knows.

Flexibility is handy no matter where you live. But living in Latin America tends to require more than I am used to. Jenny and Kelley went to take BabyM to the doctor at 5:30 yesterday. They were there for 2 hours just...because. We had a team meeting last Monday but could not attend because people who were supposed to get paid for planting trees to prevent deforestation had not been paid by the government and decided to block all the highways throughout the country to make their point. Which they did. And in the process hurt all the people who did nothing wrong and also choke the economy and generally frustrate everyone but the government. Can you imagine, DFW folks, if people got mad and piled stuff 35 north of Denton, at 635 and 35, I30 and I35 and name your major intersection so that no one could go to work and everyone just sat there for hours on end until they just decided to open the road?

Well, it's frustrating. But it's life so, you go nuts or you roll with it.