Mothers constantly amaze me

I am married to, in my opinion, histories most amazing woman. I know other's will say it's their wife, and they should. Her role as a mom has only increased my love for her and respect for her in how capable she is.

I read this story and thought, "That's what Jenny would have done." Here's to moms and the Momma Bear in each of you:

A Canadian mother has fought off a cougar with her bare hands after it pinned down her 3-year-old daughter in a forest.

The child, Maya, escaped with only superficial wounds after the attack near the town of Brackendale, 40 miles north of Vancouver.

But the cougar, an adult male, was tracked down and killed by conservation officers on Wednesday, reports said.

The girl's father Pablo Espinosa told public broadcaster CBC that his daughter thought the wild cat wanted to play.

Maya asked: "Why didn't the kitty play nice?" Espinosa said.

The girl and her mother Maureen Lee were walking on a wooded trail with their dog when the cougar pounced.

"All of a sudden it just flew on her, rolled her a couple of times and grabbed her," Lee told CBC.

"She was on her back and (the cougar) had his paws on her head, and I just knew I had to react quick.

"So I just jumped in there and wedged myself between the cougar and her on the ground."

Then "I just got up and threw it off my back and grabbed" Maya and ran, she went on.

She fought off a COUGAR. Incredible.

Here's the link for those who want it


Anonymous said...

So, I hear that you apparently aren't lacking for any down time out there to pursue more leisurely endeavors.


Brandon and Jenny said...

haha. You know, it sort of comes in waves. Me and our little girl are sick with some form of intestinal infection and Jenny is (thankfully) starting to come out of the 1st trimester.

So, you take the lulls when they come.

We'd better muzzle that Kelley! ;-)

Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, if you're talking about the zip-line, that was a necessary cultural experience.

If you ever get down here, I may consider it necessary again. :-)

Anonymous said...

no, I was talking about the announcement in your newsletter


Brandon and Jenny said...

Hahahaha. Well, when the electricity keeps going out....

I have only thus far succeeded in creating more work for myself.