I was going to say that I've been too busy to blog, but that's not entirely true. BabyM and I had a case of the Guatemalan Tummy Tussles. Imagine millions of microscopic Mexican wrestlers in your intestines and that's pretty close. That took it's toll over the weekend. We have had computer issues that I am slow to resolve given my general ineptitude at computer related crises. Both the masked microbials and the microprocessor woes are jsut about over. And that's a lot of m's.

Some Guatemalan friend of ours, the Lopez family, came to Xela yesterday. They live 5 hours from us in a town called Jacaltenango, where they moved a few months ago. They ended up staying the night and we were able to share a few meals with them before they headed home. Life is hard for them there. It just remote and their kids were roughed up in school. Nellie, the wife, had a good chance to talk and cry with Jenny last night. Rene, the husband, told us that they, for the first time, looked at us as having given something up to come to Guatemala. We live in a nice house here and don't have a horribly difficult life. But we do not live in the US, our home. He said he can see that we really sacrificed to move here and leave our country and our people and our family.

I don't feel like we suffer here. but it was so cool to have a Guatemalan share the sense of...foreignness..with us. We are extranjeros, strangers, foreigners here. And he, for the first time with a Guatemalan, got it. It was really neat.

Kelly, the gal staying with us, has experienced more frustration than we ever have in getting a project going. It's taken close to 2 weeks for our church to get in motion just to let her paint in the nursery. Incredible. Two weeks for paint. It's a different culture.

Oh, by the way, Jenny is pregnant! 10 weeks along this week. :-) She is utterly exhausted. Being pregnant is hard. Being pregnant with a 3 1/2 year old and a 17 month old is...really hard. Please pray for her. Thankfully, the 1st trimester is drawing to a close. But it ain't over yet! I love her far more than my own life and its rough to see her be so worn out.

Ok. I'm making mashed potatoes. They are ready for me to bring the mashin'


Schweers' Mom said...

Congratulations to you and Jenny on the baby! And yay for getting rid of the tummy troubles, too.

Sarah said...

Aw-- please let Jenny know that I am praying for her!