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Boy, I've really fallen behind on blogging. Of course, its not my job to blog, but I know I ought to post more than once a week.

Random thoughts coming:

There's been mucho consternation on various blogs this week regarding things at my beloved home church. Please pray for the leaders. The weakest point of the church is that it is managed by humans and we have a tendency to make a mess of things. On the whole, we're lousy stewards. But God is really good at using lousy. But that's a really big issue so, I'll leave it at that.

I spent most of my childhood watching the Texas Rangers not win, especially in the post season. This season they look pretty good, but they've done that before. And then comes the All-Star break and they slip below .500 and there it goes again. We shall see. Call me after the break.

The weather here has been amazing. Sunny all day with highs in the mid 70's. We got a ton of rain Tuesday and none since. It'll come back, but I'm enjoying the sun. Good time to dry our the sand.

That reminds me...anyone here have a good solution for wet sand in a sand box? I didn't get the lid on right and it got wet and now smells like Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride, not the movie. Anyway, I pulled half into the lid and stirred it yesterday in the sun and hopefully that will help.

Monday I drive to the City to get Kelley (an intern staying with us) and Jerry (a missionary moving here - hey Jerry!) and I'm really pumped about it. Kelley will be with us for 5 weeks or so, just living with us and experiencing life in another culture. Jerry and his family are trying to decide where the Lord is leading them and is visiting to take a look at things. Both are fantastic people and I look forward to the drive and time with them. Tuesday we're going to a prayer meeting that gives us a good excuse to use the 4x4. I can't wait.

I have been thinking a lot about what other people believe and how those things do not line up with what I believe and then thinking, of course, how I am so sure that what I believe is the truth. It forces me to evaluate why I believe what I believe and to decide what things are worth fighting for and for what things I give wiggle room.

The list of things I'd die for is not really all that long, honestly. I'm not going to die to defend the rapture. I believe it's true, but it's not as important as say, who Jesus is. I could be wrong about the rapture. I don't think I am, but it's possible. I am not wrong about who Jesus is. He is God and He is a man. I can't explain all the issues around that. Jesus will say, "well done good and faithful servant" not "well done logical explainer of all the questions" to those who remain...faithful. Not to those who can answer every question. I do need answers to some things: The hope that I have, how we must be saved, who God is, and why love even matters. There are more, of course, but those questions have a lifetime of answers. Some of which I have, others not.

But I do know some things. I know them because God has revealed them. I know that He loves me (and you) and that He has taken care of what was separating us from Him. I know that I trust Him that what He has done is enough. And I know that He is with me. Always, He is with me. And I know that the same rules apply to all of us. I didn't make the rules. Humans don't make God's rules. We obey them. And I know that obedience is sweet and delightful and freeing because the One whom I obey is good and the giver of goodness, sweetness, delightfulness and freedom.

That's enough for me today.

My baby girl is poopy and wants me to read Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy! to her. I'm going to enjoy that.


Anonymous said...

You have touched upon a critical question of the Christian faith, what is essential and what is not? To what degree has tradition influenced our view of Jesus and our faith? I wonder what the content of Jesus' faith was, shouldnt we emulate that in our own? Sometimes i go back to basics and ask myself what did Jesus say? Not paul, not james, not peter or john, but jesus, what did HE say?


KB said...

The Rangers put Josh Hamilton on 15 day DL.

Anonymous said...

What i am saying is that christianity has become a religion ABOUT Jesus instead of the religion OF Jesus. He said to follow him, not think things about him.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Great. Well, I never follow them until after the break!

Jason - It's wonderful to look at what Jesus said and I think it is vital to spend time in the Gospels each day to see how Jesus interacted with people, to see Him. IT so wonderful.

But let me ask you a question. How can I follow Jesus without thinking about Him?

Anonymous said...


For me, thinking about jesus, who he is, what he said to do, all very healthy and natural, it leads to a transformative process of becoming like him whcih is the goal of christianity. However, i dont make those thoughts into propositional statements of faith that open or close the door to salvation.

The point is that authentic christianity is a WAY, not a set of things to believe in your head.