Sunday School house rock. Or why you open a door during an earthquake.

Jenny and I were in Sunday School today when a 6.1 earthquake rumbled and shook for what seemed like half an hour. You can head to this really cool USGA website to check out details. Along with weather I love me some geology!

Anyway, things started shaking and rattling and I leaned over to Jenny and said, "Just watch the Guatemalans and do what they do". And they sat there for 10 seconds or so and then about half of them started getting up to check on their kids during the quake so up went Jenny. A lady said, "Tranquilo" which means, "Everybody stay calm" and the quake stopped. The kid's probably didn't even know it happened.

We learned that during an earthquake you always open the doors or they can get stuck, trapping you indoors. So next time it starts shaking at night, we're opening the kid's doors so they...well, we're opening their doors.

Just thought you'd like to know what happened at church today.


Mark said...

I was hoping for something along the lines of 'tongues of fire' appearing above everyone's heads, but I guess we're several weeks early for that.

Ian said...

If you get tongues of fire above everybdy's head you should probably blog about that.

verification word: GARKESCH

The (nicest) noise *I* would make during an earthquake.