fun times

We (the whole family) are going to a town called Tejutla today so Jenny can teach at a Pastor's Wives conference. How fun is that? We're loading up and driving about 2 hours. We'll get to sing and get to know lots of folks and Jenny is SO nervous so, please pray for her. She's talking on the story of Sarah and we are praying the ladies are encouraged and the Lord honored by what she says.

I'll get to take lots of pics and I'll post them later.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys. I am praying for Jenny right now! By the way... Michele and I are talking/praying about coming to visit you guys summer 2010. We (Brandon and Ryan) will have to talk about that soon.

Gerald said...

I unfortunately received this blog post around 5, Cent Stnd time but I pray that the words Jenny spoke will resonate with the women and will be a blessing in their lives. Cant wait to see pics!!!