And a week later

Jenny did a wonderful job teaching the pastor's wives. There were some strange looks when they broke into small groups and not everyone participated (not everyone spoke Spanish...2 or 3 of the women understand Spanish but speak Mam, their Mayan language) but overall they had a good time.

While Jenny taught about Sarah, I played soccer.

The pastors just all ran out to a soccer field and started a game. Guys in slacks and dress shoes playing the world's most popular sport. I went to play defense so I would not have to run and demonstrate again my out-of-shapeness. And most of the action was on my end of the field. I spent most of time getting burned by men older than me. And I got a hands penalty in the goal box, leading to a penalty kick. But it was fun. I'm just used to using my hands in Football, so it was reactionary to try to grab the ball. Not a good skill in Soccer.

We also had the pastor's in the area over to our home for a prayer meeting. I lead a Bible study of Psalm 103 and it was just amazing to give those guys a few directions on observation, interpretation and application, and they went to town. It was so much fun. An hour was not enough time. But it makes me SO excited to keep working with and learning from these guys. What fun.

I have a whole lot on my mind....but most of that I can't put on this blog.

Oh...one thing I can...CONGRATULATIONs Dagliesh Family! Welcome baby Asher.


Brent said...

You can put whatever's on your mind on my blog, apparently. I mean, I put a tribute to the fallen who protected my freedoms on a day designed specifically to do that and the conversation has gotten decidedly away from my intent.

Such is life when you manage The Diner! I've decided to hang out here in the Ramble Zone while the patients run the asylum over there! :)

Word verification: granool. What falls on the high chair tray when a toddler is eating a granola bar.

Brent said...

And, just in case anyone is unnecessarily offended by the "patients/asylum" thing in the previous post, the emoticon after it means that I'm kidding...

...if that's what people want to talk about, so be it. Glad they can have a cup of joe and chat.

Brandon and Jenny said...


I'll hang out with you. We can ramble. It has been requested I spectate, not participate. Not sure if I can use "spectate" or not. Just did.

Speaking of things that fall on a highchair: guacamole/avocados get really nasty if you don't find them and clean them up. Wow.

Susan Myers said...

Brandon, you should not just spectate. You should definately participate. You are very close to the people of CBC, you and Jenny are a part of the family, AND you have a solid, biblical foundation for which to base your opinions. You are wise and wanted! I'm not sure why that comment was made, but I for one didn't appreciate it.
...Oops, sorry for carrying this outside of The Diner...just had to step out for some fresh air. :)

(Heading back in as a wall-flower...)

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey Susan,

No need to apologize. We can discuss just about anything here so, don't worry. I don't know who Sin Serely is so I cannot guess as to why they said that.

But I will probably not say much. Jenny, my lovely and talented bride may have a say, but unless it becomes necessary to clear up something I said, etc., I think it wise to say little.

A says the proverbs, "Where words are many, sin is not absent. He who holds his tongue is wise."

Things written on blogs are historical record so I'd prefer caution.

Thanks for your thoughts...even if I don't heed your advice.

Anonymous said...

Loitering, loitering, loitering.

word verification: illed. I had some bad chicken last week and got totally illed, dude.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Loiter away. I'm getting our guest room ready for Kelley Hughes, who arrives in Guatemala tomorrow. Rather, I'm doing the tasks Jenny wants accomplished before she gets here.

I got Illed from Outback once. Yeowch.

Anonymous said...

I didn't literally get illed. I was just taking a stab at a word usage.

Man, if I don't sell my house and incur the increased house payment, we're totally going to figure out when to visit. We'll see if my bonus pans out this year. That just might do the trick.


Anonymous said...

of course, that would require you to keep me accountable for it. It's one thing to speak grandiosely, another to do it.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey, if you can make it, come on down! We've got a room for you. At least you and Michelle. The kids can sleep in the yard with our kids.

Seriously, come if you can. We'd really enjoy it. If you can't, well, we'll be back in December for awhile and we'll see you then.

KB said...

Just checkin on y'all. Heard there was a decent sized earthquake felt in Honduras and Belize, and if my geography is correct y'all are kinda in between...

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey Kent,

We didn't feel that one, but we're closer to the Mexican border.

We've been having more earthquakes lately, however. Felt 2 or 3 in the past week, most of them little. We had a 6.1 3 weeks ago pretty close but with modern construction that just makes the windows rattle.

Thanks for thinking about us.

Brandon and Jenny said...

If you're interested, here's the USGS site:


I was asleep so didn't feel it. Might have felt it if I had been awake. But it's a really cool site. I get e-mails when there is a quake in the Americas. Very cool.

KB said...

Neat link, and I better git a map, forgittin where countries run to...
p.s. you might have to explain this whole word verification thing, cause if it is usin the words the computer puts up I have had some good ones like doodaa, dought and oucat lately

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yep, the word verification is the security word thing that you type in. It's wild what you get some days.