Wow. Blog.

So I had 50 something posts on my Mormon blog which was supposed to be about how nice my Mormon neighbors are compared to some Christians I know. Goodness.

People think a lot of different things and most of it is wrong. I'm not King of Knowledge as anyone who knows me understands. God holds that title. But I cannot just sit and let people say what is wrong without at least presenting the truth. And I don't have the truth. God does. And I know Him. That's it. I know God. And He's good. And He loves people and, for crying out loud, His son died for them. For all of us. That's the story, folks. That's it!

I confess I get discouraged with all the debate and banter and the only thing that makes me feel any better is talking to Jesus and reading the Bible and loving people and being with believers. Those are the good things. And that doesn't mean that what I believe depends on those things (except Jesus, of course) but that my faith is strengthened by them.

God is good and His Son Jesus, who is God, became a man and died for the sins of EVERY human being. Each human being has equal value. And don't ask me how if every human being has equal value to God that so many of them suffer and so many of them will spend eternity in hell. I'm not God and I don't know why people who hear His truth refuse to accept it. And people suffer because other evil people hurt them and we live in a fallen, crappy world. Is that ok? No! It's not. It's awful. But that's how it will be until Jesus returns and makes all things right. And I do not know when that will be.

But this week is Holy Week. Easter Week. And this week is what it's all about. This week we celebrate the life and death and resurrection of Jesus. The Resurrection! Hallelujah! He Is Risen! Can I get an, "he is risen indeed!"

So, hopefully, I'll get to blog about that little. Tuesday I'm driving an hour from here to meet some pastors so that we can walk three hours to a church and have a prayer meeting and walk three hours back and then drive home hopefully in time for dinner. I'll take pictures. And good boots.


Schweers' Mom said...

He is risen indeed.

Thanks for your blog!

Mike Messerli said...

Awesome post. Have a great passion week, and me too....thanks for the post.