people come to visit

Between traveling and sick kids and sick us we have not been to church in a few weeks. Today some friends of ours from church called and asked if we were busy this afternoon. They have a 2 and a 4 year old and they dropped by around 4:30 or so and brought some pan de corona, a typical Easter bread that's made with a lot of egg yolks and sugar. We sat on the back porch while our kids ran around in the yard and we talked about nothing too deep for as long as a Seinfeld episode...and they left.

And it was wonderful.

He's a doctor here (which makes them middle class) and is moving to Germany in about a month because he got this incredible opportunity to study a specialization in internal medicine. He won't see his family until December, after Christmas. After that his family will move back with him and they will live there for three years.

And we love them.

They are our friends. And of course, they are moving, as did our other friends who moved to help serve a terribly poor community several hours from here.

And we will miss them.

So our friends came over today. It's just something friends do.

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