it rained

That may not seem that incredible, but I haven't seen rain since November and it was nice to get a little here at home. Keeps the dust down. They seeded the field behind us with corn and looks like the timed it just right.

Jenny and I had a long discussion about the Trinity last night. It started at 10:45. It was wonderful. She's taking Dr. Kreider's Into to Theology online course from DTS and it's been a lot of fun for both of us. Her brain works a LOT better than mine and so it's great to sit and listen to how hers works. I'm still learning how to listen, by the way. It's not something that I'm naturally good at. Good listeners, I have been told, are that way because they worked really hard at it. Whether that is true or not probably doesn't matter - I'm sure there are some naturally good listeners out there - but it makes me feel better and want to work at listening so I reckon it's a win-win.

So here's to litening. Better. At least a little.

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