A great cloud of witnesses

First, thank you all so very much for your kindness with Jenny and I. We're doing really, really well and thankful that so many of you love and care for us. Your sweet words ministered to us deeply.

We went to a Conference this weekend where all the CAM folks from Guatemala came and Roger Raymer spoke on Hebrews 11. Man. What an amazing chapter to study...to realize that we indeed LIVE by faith. What an encouragement to see the testimony of the faithful and to realize that we all have faith in the same living God, the one True God, I AM. And that our faith is in Him, not things other people made up or rules and regulations...but our faith is in a person, the very Person of God in Jesus. It's wonderful.

We were able to meet and talk with lots of missionaries who have been here in Guatemala for decades. Lots of decades. So many sweet, kind, wonderful people. They loved on our children and were gracious as we did the things that parents of little kids do. We shared meals together and Jenny and I felt very much like were with with a surrogate family. We sang together - old hymns - and oh goodness those hymns are treasures. Wherever you are at church, ask your worship leader to work some old hymns into the service. I don't' care if they're played with the bagpipes, we just need to be singing that poetry set to music.

Also, we picked up a new-to-us truck from another missionary in the City. Jenny drove the whole way home right behind me. Those who have been here know that's quite a task. She's so amazing! She passed on those mountain roads like a champ. We were safe, so don't worry grandparents.

Here's our new truck:

I can't wait to take it out in the boonies! That's the empty lot across from our house. And on the right that's Seven Ears Volcano. The clouds cover the other volcano on the left pic. Thank you to the folks at Lakeridge UMC for providing us this truck. May the Lord use it for His glory!

And, when you get a second, or a few minutes, read Hebrews 11. Then 12:1-3. I promise you will be encouraged!


Ian said...

Just remember: it's a truck, not a magic carpet. You can get stuck in anything - remember that time I buried my Jeep in Marshall Creek Park?

I hope y'alls roads are less.....muddy. And less deep. And your vehicle stays less submerged.

Also, I once got a church van stuck in sand in Mexico.

Perhaps your first rule of thumb should be this:

Would Ian try this? If the answer is "yes", don't do it.

verification word: prons

prons - large, artifical shrimp

brian said...

remember that time I buried my Jeep in Marshall Creek Park? Very clearly. I think my back still hurts.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, I remember. I have never actually gotten a truck stuck so hopefully I can learn from the mistakes of others.

Also, I won't drive my truck on a 4x4 course designed to get a truck buried to the axles. I'll mostly be on roads...bad roads, but roads.

I will DEFINITELY use the "would Ian do this" test. I have been for a very long time. ;-)