a good walk

Well, I'm off. Ought to be a fun day. Walking for 7 hours with some really neat, funny pastors. Pray I don't turn an ankle. ;-)

And that time stamp is an hour off...

Update: This is Jenny updating everyone as to Brandon's progress. He made it to the aldea (village). He had to walk over a mountain to get there. He called just a second ago to say that he is on a truck (probably the back of one, although that might be wrong) on his way to catch a bus (painted chicken bus) to get back to the car in San Marcos (1.5 hours from home). He said briefly that it went well, he will probably get sick, and that he will call when he gets to the car. I will make sure he posts an update as soon as he feels up to it. Please pray for him! He'sa real missionary now, who walks all over Guatemala for the sake of the gospel! :)

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Gerald said...

i cant wait to hear how it went and i honestly look forward to be doing the same thing!