A driven man

Actually, that's a driving man. I have to drive our van to Guatemala City to get the oil changed because if I get it changed at a location other than the dealer it voids the warranty. So 310 miles round trip or so every 5000 Kilometers. Sigh. I left yesterday morning at around 4:30 to try to make the appointment at 9:00. Unfortunately there were large demonstrations in the City that caused me delay. By demonstrations I mean hundreds of people walking on the main streets on the city with signs. They started where I came into town and ended in downtown. Hundreds of people WALKING on the highways. Sigh. So I tried a detour. I had a map. I got lost. No one was hurt. But I finally gave up trying to find my way via a map and just went with landmarks. Made it back to the airport (familiar territory) partly by following where the planes were going for their landing and made it to the dealer shop at 10:00. Which is right on time for Guatemala. But they were busy because everyone was getting their cars serviced to travel for Holy Week.

The van was ready at 4:15...too late for me to drive home. So I stayed at the Always Hospitable Glenn and Judy's house and made it back home today at 10:00am.

Makes for a really long oil change. But I did find out that there is a mobile service that will come to my house and service my vehicle. Or something like that. Either way I won't have to drive 300 miles for an oil change again.


Gerald said...

but at least only 150 of those miles go against the new oil and filter and not 300!!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Haha. That's right. The glass is half full. Hopefully I won't have to repeat that again. But the diesel filter cost me Q1,000. That's $125 just for the filter. Bleah. Dealer prices are bad here just like they are in the states.

Alicia said...

I thought I'd cross-comment since I'm not sure how often Jenny checks her blog. I have a little something to mail you guys (well, your kids, really). Can you or Jenny please send me your mailing address? My e-mail is aliciadockins at yahoo dot com.


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