Well I didn't get sick riding in the back seat. I took a Dramamine. Call it cheating. I call it not puking. Because I would have. It actually wasn't too scary. I mean, every rule of driving safety was pointed at and mocked with Nelsonian disdain, but we made it. When I got in the car I couldn't find the female segment of the seat belt and opted to just leave it at that. After a few minutes I was clawing under the seat back and finally retrieved it.

It was a great time. They teach pastors Leadership and Administration from a Biblical perspective but as they were doing it they realized that the foundation of most of their ministries was building the church. The part made of cinder block and re-bar. So they are suspending their curriculum and going back to talk about what the church really is (people) and whom it should be founded upon (Christ). And that's a good sign. A really neat group of pastors too, even a few CAM churches in there so, Lord willing, we will be able to work together some in
the future. I am typing with a bandaid on my right index finger. Very annoying.

I must admit that I was less than participatory. I only slept 4 hours the previous night and that combined with the Dramamine sleepies made for an observant but very quiet Brandon.


Today Jenny and I are recovering from something we ate that caused...well, we're recovering. Not a lot of sleep last night. The kids are fine and Jenny got it worse than me. Bleah. I don't have any stats but it sure feels like we get sick more often here. I'll blame Obama. Presidents are fun for blaming.

I've been reading Mere Christianity and a handfull fo other things. That C.S. Lewis was such a wonderful author. Wow. I'd love to read something he wrote if he was a contemporary American. Maybe there is someone out there today who writes like Lewis. If you know one - let me know.


brian said...

I completely agree. I'm not much of a reader when it comes to Biblical commentary (much to the dismay of my CBC contemporaries I'm sure), but when I read Lewis' stuff (maybe 'especially' Mere Christianity) I feel like I'm really reading from a dude who plain ol' gets it better than I do. And I come out feeling like I understand it better.

I'm not sure if it's simply his intelligence or that he speaks in a manner that my brain can parse well. All I know is he is/was brilliant. Maybe Brilliant with a capital B.

I'd also entertain additional authors that can write so well.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Commentaries are alright. Major Ian Thomas said that the Bible shines great light on the commentaries. And I like his point. Here in Guatemala they all want commentaries but they don't want to put in the discipline of actually studying the scripture themselves.

I feel like I "get it" a little more after reading Lewis too. And getting it helps me "be it" a little more. And that's definitely worth whatever time I spent reading. I think Lewis came to faith as an adult and spent his career among folks who didn't believe so the Lord really gave him opportunity to think through how to explain things.

Anna C said...

the Carpenters' favorite Lewis-like writer is Dallas Willard. He has the depth and 'really make you think about it'ness of Lewis, but speaks directly about the modern church while making you feel like he must have met Jesus personally or something. have you read him? A good place to start is The Divine Conspiracy and everything else he wrote is good, too!

Brandon and Jenny said...

I have read "Spirit of the Disciplines" but that's it thus far. I've heard of "The Divine Conspiracy" and I'll look for it next time I'm stateside. I always bring back about 30 lbs of books in my carry on.

Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you and your hubby are doing great!!! We miss you both.