If I get more than 3 days between posts it just snowballs. So here we are.

This morning we are going out to look for a used off road vehicle. Not one that is for sale on the side of the road, mind you, but a 4x4 . We have a pretty small budget for the vehicle but we have what the Lord has given us and I am pretty sure He can work within those numbers. That was meant to be tongue in cheek. I am certain He can.

You know, it's funny how doubt creeps in a gets in the way of trusting the Lord. And it's in what seem like little things. Of course lots of little things add up to a lot. But I so quickly forget how big God is. He's infinite. Without measure. So, actually, to say He is big is incorrect because "big" implies that there is a "bigger" and all of that implies measure or comparison - none of which apply to God. And He loves us and cares about what happens to us. Jesus tells us that the Father takes care of the tiny little birds. Gives them food. A place to perch. How much more valuable are we to Him, creatures made in His image, than little birds?

We pervert that and say that God promises that we will be wealthy and drive fancy cars and live in mansions with swimming pools. And we miss out on what it means to trust God for our provision. For what we need to live and do the things He wants us to do. What a sadness that we take God's promise to give us what we need and attempt to manipulate him into getting what we want. That's not childish. It's evil. And I have to be reminded to be on guard against that because it's not hard to move from one to the other.

So, if you would, pray for us as we look for a little truck or something. I just need something that can manage unpaved mountain roads and won't leave me stranded too often.


Mark said...

After all, Our Lord was himself poor and was known to bring a bunch of friends to a party and drink all the wine.

Best of luck on the truck and be sure to post your experience!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks Mark!

I will. I'm getting a lot of counsel from veteran missionaries so it should be a good experience.