a cool reason to pray

Not that you need any more reasons....

We live in a little neighborhood with 15 or 20 houses. A few doors down and across the street lives a family with 3 kids. The youngest is a few years older than our oldest but they can run and do the things kids do and sometimes we all go out before dinner and the kids play in the street. No through traffic, don't worry.

Anyway, one afternoon Jenny was out with the kids and chatting with the dad across the street. He asked what we do, etc, the normal get-to-know-your-neighbor questions. And of course we are clearly not Guatemalan and so we tell them we're missionaries and they always ask what kind. It's like saying you want ice cream at Baskin Robbins. There's a lot of options. Anyway, so Jenny finds out he's Catholic and he finds out that I teach the Bible and he asks Jenny if I could teach him the Bible. You know, just asks her.

So a few days ago we were coming home and he was washing his car and I stopped and asked him how he was and he said, "Hey, when can you start teaching me the Bible" (except in Spanish) and I said, "When do you want to start?" (also in Spanish) and he said, "Wednesday say, 5 or 5:30".

Well, that's today.

So would you please pray for Freddie, my neighbor who wants to learn the Bible. Please pray that I have wisdom and grace beyond my years to just do whatever the Lord wants and that I don't say anything stupid or get bogged down in minutiae. And that even if (or when) I do, that the Lord would draw this man to Himself through His word and I would be part of the process and not a hindrance to it.

And give a "woohoo!" to the Lord while you're at it. It's not like He isn't already involved. And He's let us be involved in the things He does.

Alright. So, go ahead and pray already.

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