and back to reality

Well they don't call it the Magic Kingdom for nothing.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time. Restful...not so much. But who can rest with little kids and Disney?

I'll answer some of the responses posted a little later. We just returned home last night and have to leave again early tomorrow for a meeting 2 hours away. I'll get to those hopefully tonight. Thanks for all your kind wishes! According to Disney, they come true.


Brent said...

When we came home from our trip to Disney, I told Tracy that I wasn't exactly sure when to go to bed. I mean, at Disney, they let you know the day is over with a parade and fireworks.

Here we just have John McCaa and Gloria Campos letting us know what went on in Dallas...

Brandon and Jenny said...

And man do they know how to end the day.

Gloria Campos. That woman has been an anchor since I was a little boy. And her name means "Glory Fields" or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say "hi" and tell you we love and miss you. The other day Aaron and I were talking. This coming fall we will have a new family placed on our team. We were day dreaming about the "perfect" family to have on our team. Our wish list included: young children (bonus if there's a girl Ellie's age), extroverts, people we enjoy hanging out with and can have deep discussions with, and people that actively pursue reaching out and training up.

Then it dawned on guys meet every wish!! In a world where we could have whatever we want, we'd choose you as teammates!! Sigh...Here's hoping that our paths will cross again before we get to that perfect world! Love you,
Danielle, Aaron and Ellie

Brandon and Jenny said...

Aaron and Danielle - We love you and miss you too! Thank you for your kind words...we would so love to well, just to SEE you again. Working with you all would be a dream come true.

Love on each other for us.