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I must say that I am surprised by the response from the Mormons. This is also a test to see if the web scrubbers just check the titles or go into the body text as well.

-=**Initiating test**=-

Mormons are not Christians.

-=**This was a test of the Emergency Ramble Zone System**=-

Well, we'll see. If anyone snoops blogs for double asterisks I guess they'll send the thought police.

On the nice side, our neighbors are just a joy to have next door. When they found out we were going on a trip next week they wanted to know when we would return so they could have some home-made soup ready for us so we would not have to cook after traveling. I can't think of the last time I did that for a neighbor. They even traveled the other day and I didn't think of that.

*subject change*

Did you know it snowed in Lubbock this morning? Weather is one of the greatest testaments to me that we are not in control. We're just not. And yet we can, in a symbolic sense, get out of the boat and walk on the stormy seas with Jesus. Or at the very least we can ride in the boat with Him while He sleeps and the sea crashes and tosses the boat. And when we get too scared He sometimes even says, "Hush. Be still" and calms things down for a little while.

Alright. We have to finish packing. We spend exactly 19% of our life either packing or unpacking. I'll tell you where we're going.

tomorrow. :-)


Ian said...


are really nice.

Just trying to help :-)

Brandon and Jenny said...

Haha. Well, it appears that's all the LDS traffic I will get. Sort of sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t God judge the heart? Why would we make statements about someone’s position before God? This leads to all sorts of ego traps. IE: "My theology is right, yours is wrong, you need to believe what I believe or you’re going to hell, etc..." This kind of thinking puffs up the ego and turns Christianity into just another worldly intellectual argument. Christians should be focusing on transformation into his likeness, not on winning theological debates. The realm of the spirit and flesh are juxtaposed here.

Mike Messerli said...


You have asked the wrong question. And, you have assumed a wrong conclusion. To defend truth vs. error based on the bible is NOT talking about someone position before God. You are assuming a universalism that is not taught in the bible, and you are saying that to defend biblical truth is egotistical. Neither of these things are true. I question the platform from which you post your questions. Your assumptions are not true. Also, we ARE called to transformation, but we are also called to evangelization- the conversion of the lost to salvation....which implies that they are wrong and that they need truth to be right with God. To say that is NOT egotistical, it is being obedient to GOD who told us to love and win the world.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you just proved my point. All i heard was you, you, you. Your right, you know truth, you interpret the bible correctly, you know who is lost and who isnt, etc...

Without humility you will not experience the living God.

Be careful, you are making an idol of your beliefs and encouraging others to do the same. Very dangerous, please stop.

brian said...

Oh dear. Is it possible to make "an idol" out of the One we're supposed to worship in the first place? As in the One who *is* the Word?

I think the idol referenced in "you shouldn't have idols before Me" is supposed to represent "another" god (little g) like golden calves, money, etc.

What I heard Mike say was "bible bible bible" and where mormon belief system is inconsistent with it. Some of which I would call "core beliefs of Christianity." As in beliefs that I would not consider merely small disagreements in a particular translation.

I don't think you can say "hey anybody can become a god (little g) just like God" and claim that that's consistent. I further don't think you can say that God prefers whites over blacks as Joseph Smith (and Brigham and multiple others) have said.. and claim that's consistent with Christian beliefs.

And yes I'm sure that's no longer part of the official doctrine, but isn't that another problem in and of itself?

That said, I'm doubting we can "solve" the differences between Christianity and mormonism in the comments on a blog. heh.

Brandon and Jenny said...

To anonymous -

Thanks for you comments. I do wish you would not make them anonymously.

Please don't accuse Mike of a lack of humility or idolatry. If you knew him you would know how silly a thing that is to say. God does indeed judge the heart and I know of no other heart who longs for God more than Mike's

Regarding your comments: Theological debates are a reality we have to endure. In Paul's letter to Titus he focuses on two things: Good works and sound doctrine. The two are meant to be in harmony but that is often not the case.

We as followers of Christ are commanded to know the Bible and be able to correct bad doctrine when we encounter it. It's part of our transformation. What we often neglect to do is perform this with an attitude of reconciliation and familial love.
We are commanded to correct false doctrine/teachings in order to restore people to the truth, not win an argument.

Let me ask you a question. Jesus told us that we can know the truth and the truth (being Him) will set us free. How do you know when what you believe is true if it is not measured against something?

What happens when your theology is wrong? Can your theology be wrong? What happens if you believe God the Father was once a man just as we are, as Mormons do?

What if someone believes they are saved for eternity by faith in Zeus and Aphrodite or that they can appease God by killing children? Would you be arrogant and "turning Christianity into just another worldly intellectual argument" by telling them in grace and love that Christ loves them and that He alone is God and that they must trust in the cross and the resurrection for salvation? To not at least tell them is to hate them and disobey the very heart and will of Christ.

Does that make any sense at all?