Woohoo for real dates

Today I get to take my beautiful and talented bride on a real date. Dinner. Maybe a movie. We have 2 hours planned just for dinner. 2 HOURS! We have a 3 years old and a 1 year old. Eating out is a contact sport.

So we are going to eat at 5:00 (yes, like at at retirement home) so we can be home by 7:00 to put the kiddos down then go back out again. Can you believe it? So we're off to stimulate the Guatemalan economy a little. Normally eating out on Valentines is a horror but 8 or 10 pm is normal here...we should meet the lunch crowd on the way out. I'm not even sure where we're going. It doesn't matter. It will be just the 2 of us and some kind of food and beverages and uninterrupted conversation. I can just listen to Jenny talk for what will seem like decades without having to do anything but listen to and enjoy my beautiful bride.

Quiet conversation. Wow.

So, anyway, I have little of substance to talk about because I'm very excited. But some topics I want to cover in the next week are:

- How God uses my children to refine me
- Why citizens of the USA have almost nothing to complain about
- How much I miss my first car
- My incredible brother and his journey this past year

And probably other random thoughts.

buen provecho!

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reuminations said...

"contact sport" hA! i look forward to this weeks topics.