We're home

We left Lubbock Tuesday and 30 hours later, we're back in our own house. Whew.

BabyM is doing great. Eating and (we hope) gaining weight. We weighed her with a baggage scale but I just really doubt that is a precision instrument.

We're awaiting results on a test for metabolic disorders but the Doc back in Texas doesn't seem too concerned.

So, we'll try to get back to life again. We really enjoyed our time we had with family. It was an unexpected time with them and we made the most of it. But we're glad to be back home. We all sleep in our own beds tonight and wake up home tomorrow.

I have a sort of funny story about our flight to DFW involving Jumbo Corny Dogs, curly fries and turbulance on a prop plane. But I'll just let you imagine that one.

I'll get back to actual blogging in day or so. Sorry to you faithful readers!

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Gerald said...

I cant speak for all of us who are faithful readers but I can say that my family and I are excited that all is getting well with Baby M and that you guys had a great trip to and from Lubbock. We have been praying and it is always amazing to see God answer prayers!