Time for something serious


So Jenny and I were talking out at dinner the other night (without the kids - fantastic) and we asked each other if you could be an animal on land, sea and air, what would you pick and why.

I chose:

Land - wolverine. pound for pound the angriest mammal. I've always loved them.
Sea - Killer whale. I just think not having predators would be cool.
Air - Red Tailed Hawk. Just a Texas favorite of mine.

You all probably think I'm overly aggressive now.

What would you pick? I guess they can be imaginary. Just thought of that. Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Land- some sort of large predatory cat... i love those things

Sea- while the killer whale is awesome i think i would like to be a Great White... they just instill terror... plus you get to eat all the seals you want and we all know how great they taste. yumm!

Air-I am a huge fan of hawks and eagles. They look awesome in the sky... any one would be fine so long as i could rock the sky.

Gerald said...

land- bear, grizzly no contest

sea- sea turtle, i love riding the EAC (ref Finding Nemo)

air- male wood duck, they are by far one of the most beautiful of male ducks and they live in the woods!!!

Brandon and Jenny said...

You're very predatory there, Ryan. ;-) Big cats would be very cool.

A duck? Now that's unique. I don't guess I've ever seen a wood duck. I've seen a wooden duck, but I'm assuming that's something different.