Sick day

Although not mine.

Jenny has some horrible cough and chest and sinus congestion crud. She's laid up in bed (mainly on my orders) and I'm taking care of the kiddos. I say "my orders" like I'm some kind of commander. What I mean is that she's sick and if she doesn't rest she'll be sick a lot longer. And sick people are easier to boss because they're weak. That's right. You all know you've bossed sick people around. Not informed or chronically or terminally ill people. Just people who have a bad cold. "Get back in bed" or "What are you doing up?" or "Here, eat this scalding hot chicken soup and drink this hot toddy" Well, maybe not the toddy.

And so I get to pull out the "in sickness and in health" clause today and spend the day with my babies. And take care of the woman who has my heart and for whom I would push the mountains into the sea. Or at least make sure she gets her Zicam on time.

Oh, while I'm thinking about it, are there any topics you all would like to hear about? Missionary life, some theological or social thing, family stuff. Whatever. I'm open for anything. Even if you just want a story about a carrot and a beet's adventures in the produce section.


Zach said...

We're all sick too with the same thing! Except we're both sick at the same time, so Lindsay's in bed and I'm sitting in the recliner playing on the computer and telling the girl and the boy, "hey.. no... (cough) don't do that.. get off of there... stop... (groan) (sneeze) you know what, go ahead and climb up the wall. Just don't hurt yourself (sniff)"

Word Verification: Dibut: n. The thing your golf swing leaves in the grass when your playing with a cold.

How appropriate

Brandon and Jenny said...

Ugh. Jenny's the only one really sick. For now. I feel it coming on but I'm manning the walls hoping the motes keep the bugs at bay.

It's hard with 2. And I'm well. On days like this, you just keep everyone alive and you're doing good.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, and we have a Guatemalan lady helping until 1:00. I bet you wish you had Gladys around. She could even make you tortillas.

Anonymous said...

Since you have some extra sit time you might want to take a look at this video. It is about an hour long so down load it and watch it when time is available. It is Matt Chandler a preacher in Highland Village, Tx talking at a preachers confrence.
Mike McM

Zach said...

Well, I got two in school, so I'm only watching two of them. One of them is a boy though.

WV: Sympabal: Wow, this is complicated, could you make it more simple? Is it sympabal?

Anonymous said...

please see 30 somethingth comment on gay/lesbian friendships

brian said...

That's funny. I've enjoyed specifically the last month or so of C's pregnancy - she got a little easier to boss around. Mostly because she couldn't fight back and got tired quickly when she did. Not to mention all the things I bossed her to do were for her own good anyway so she didn't have much room to argue. Sit down. Put your feet up. Eat more. *(:=

Gotta take it when you can get it, right? ha.

verif: unfroth. that's funny.

Alicia said...

I just got over that (lasted 2 weeks!). The thing that worked best for me was steam showers. It seemed to loosen the junk in my chest. Gosh, I'll be praying for you guys. It was one of the worst colds I've ever had. Tell Jenny I hope she feels better soon!