random observations

Every time we return to the US we notice a few things.

- It's very clean here. Really very clean.

- Public, cold water drinking fountains are a mark of a truly developed society.

- You folks really need to enjoy the availability of clean greens such as lettuce and spinach in a restaurant. Wow. Salad in a restaurant and no abdominal cramping.

- There really are a lot of obese people in the US. Maybe they should enjoy more of the abundant, clean salads.

- The Super Bowl was more fun to watch here.

- We miss our home a lot.

- Fresh milk. drool. Oh man, it is SO good.

- Food is apparently very important to me.

- Lubbock Texas has a lot of sky.

- Hospitals sort of smell the same no matter where you are. Except here the cafeteria has Chick-Fil-A and not a lady making tortillas on a camp stove.

- The internet just plain works better here. A lot better.

- Our churches need to complain less and do more. We have more than we can even comprehend and yet instead of serving we debate whether or not we should ordain homosexuals.

- Safety is something we should be more thankful for here. We live in a really safe place in the suburbs. It's an enormous blessing and I didn't realize how stressful it is to be constantly thinking about the safety of my family.

- There is a HUGE Hispanic population in Lubbock. I could speak Spanish everyday here if I wanted. Oh - and I met a kid from Guatemala in Braums. His mom lives there still. How cool is that?


Alicia said...

Just wanted to let you know Chris and I dropped by the blog to check on little Maddie. Hope she's doing well! Still praying...

Schweers' Mom said...

Great observations. I take so much for granted here - I know I do. I didn't even think about fresh milk or clean salad greens. Wow.

I'm know y'all are anxious to get back home nevertheless.