Fun with Old People

I called one of our supporting churches here in Lubbock to ask them if I could serve in any way while we were in town. Dan, the missions pastor (a really fantastic guy) asked if I would like to teach the Foundations Sunday school class. I said sure! Who's in it? He told me it's full of blue hairs. Elderly. Old folks.

I'm so excited!

I get to spend a hour with a group of people who have so much wisdom, who know the Lord and love Him and have been here on planet earth for a lot longer than me. I have so much I can learn from them that I have no idea what in the world I could possibly teach. I'm giving them an overview of our life in Guatemala and talking about Titus 2:1-6...but I have to admit I am humbled and thankful to be so honored to be asked to teach a group of my elders.

So, here's to old folks! I can't wait to see what they have to teach me on Sunday. What a hoot.

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