Bacon and how good it is to be married to my wife

While I have a lot of things on my mind, the one most current is that I had a BLT for lunch.

Wheat bread
Fresh cracked pepper.
Wheat bread.

In that order.

It was really. Really. Really good. And it confirms for me that bacon is, indeed, one of the 7 perfect foods and may indeed be the greatest of the fried meats.

Jenny is feeling much better. Especially after her own BLT. And that reminds me that she is, indeed, the perfect wife and may indeed be the greatest person I have ever known. Without her I am certain that my children and I would survive for a time but would eventually turn feral and pour out into the wilderness to scavenge available food sources. And that's on the good end of what would happen. So for all you hubbys out there who have a wife who knows how to cook bacon (or who does not), make sure you tell them they are the person who helps you be the man God wants you to be. And then make something for them that costs less that $3. Just to see if you can. I bet you...Q100 that they will love it.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your previous comments on the Mckinney Diner blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't completely understand this...sort of but not completely.

One of the difficult things with homosexuality is that the behavior and the identity of the person have been welded together. Take adultery or lying. When you stop having an affair and begin being faithful you are no longer an adulterer. You stop being a liar when you start to tell the truth. You stop being a lesbian when you cease homosexual behavior. Although you don't have to start heterosexual behavior. Ha. That's something else entirely so, there goes my analogy.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I meant that homosexuals define themselves by their behavior and because of that when we say that homosexual behavior is bad, we are telling them they are bad too.

If you tell someone who lies that lying is bad it's ok. I can say that and the person doesn't think I am telling them that THEY are bad, just their behavior.

Does that make sense?

I also rambled a bit there.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, and you're right...Yum! Thanks for taking the time to learn and for having the humility to ask questions so you can love someone better.

Anonymous said...

yes, this makes sense. I get that now. thank you.

Brandon and Jenny said...

You're welcome! Feel free to ask questions anytime.